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Mempowered Memory & Attention Game: Advanced

Note that these cards are also available in physical format, which you can purchase at Printer Studio.

This game is a variant of the old Concentration card game, where you spread your cards out face down, and then turn over two cards at a time, seeking matching pairs. In the beginning, of course, that's just a matter of luck — you're just learning the cards, and there may or may not be any pairs that you happen upon. But the reason it's called Concentration, or Memory, is because your degree of success depends on your ability to remember what you've seen and where each card is. Clearly, the more cards you have, the harder the game will be.

In my games, I have constructed the images myself. In the most difficult version, each image (pair of cards) has another image in the set, that is very similar, but different. That's where the attention comes in, because you need to pay attention to, and remember, more details. But you might want to work up to that set, so I've provided two simpler games, using subsets. This is the most difficult of the Memory / Concentration games.

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